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Meli & Co was founded in 2005 with an objective to serve our client on Investments and money matters. With vide knowledge in share trading; we have many Happy Clients. We have a technical team and analytical team who help our clients by suggesting buy call / sell call to get profit.


Share Trading / Stock Market


There are different types of investors one who are the medium to long term There are different types of investors...

Futures & Options

Stock future is one option, we provide you Intraday as well as short term Calls on Stock Futures...

Trade Management Services

We are here to look after your investment and extensive research to make investment decisions for a fund or group of funds under control.


Our Services



To reduce the risk of capital erosion, It is imperative that you make informed decisions about equity shares. We guide you on entry and exit strategy both in cash & derivative; the two types of equity markets, helping you maximize returns.

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Insurance, whether auto, home, or life, is the answer for a problem that has yet not surfaced.  While it is human nature to believe that one will live a long & healthy life and that one will have enough time to address all issues in the future.

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Capitalizing on the skills and knowledge of our experienced professionals, we are instrumental in providing a supreme quality Business opportunity. Investment or investing is a term

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Financial Planning

We all expect our tomorrow to be similar if not better than our today and work diligently towards securing our future. Our tomorrow can be better if we take care of it today by mature and meaningful planning of our resources.

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Any Types of Loans Industrial Loans Loan against property Home loans OD Limits CC Limits Take Over at low rate of interest & other more benefits On the demand of our valued clients, we arrange Property Loans for them on all

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