We have a technical team and analytical team who help our clients by suggesting buy call / sell call to get profit. Even a seasoned capitalist is aware of that effective temporal order of markets isn't attainable. Therefore, skilled and professional recommendation is important to get superior returns from the exchange. At Meli & Co., we provide you investment informatory services with ternary objective of superior returns, risk diminution and portfolio diversification.

Mobile app available for your comfort, hence one can do trading from anywhere with their mobile itself. Also our clients can download our app in their mobile and track the share the bought and sold. Easy understanding, easy to get pay out and put pay in. Friendly atmosphere, quick solvent of problems related to shares and Insurances.

Any person can start by investing an initial amount of Rs.1 lakh.

Provide the mandatory details such as a copy of Aadhar card, PAN card, and bank statement.

Fill up the necessary details in the application form.

After your application got filled up, the details will be registered in our online registry.

"ID" will be created within the shortest time period, and then you can become our active member who is going to attain more beneficiaries.

Features of an investor

Trading & Demat Account

In order to invest in shares or stocks, one is required to have Demat and Trading account opened with a registered share broker. Share brokers play the role of intermediary in between investor and stock exchanges.

Demat Account: 

Account where shares are stored in electronic form. Nowadays it has become compulsory to have demat account opened before investing in shares or stocks.

Trading Account:

An account which is used to place orders for buying and selling of shares. Trading account is a link between Bank account and Demat account. When a trader intends to buy shares, he/she needs to first transfer funds from his/her bank account and then shares are transferred to his/her trading account which are then stored in the demat account as per instruction.

Similarly, when a trader intends to sell stocks, his/her trading account takes back the shares from his/her Demat account and sells them in the market. The money is transferred to seller’s bank account after settlement as per instruction.